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mp5 quran player

MP5 Quran Player (mode#MP59)

* Mp5 Quran player
Complete Quran with voice.

* 3.5 inch screen with quality speaker
3.5 inch screen with high Quality big speaker

* Remote control
you can use the remote control unit to control the products

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* Feature:

1. Complete Quran, 3.5 inch high-definition LCD, 3 reciter voice. 2G flash

2. Qur'an Translations in 25 Languages: English (4), French, Latin, Malay, Spanish, Turkish, Indonesian, Urdu(2)Persian, Hausa, Swahili , Albania, Russia, German, Azerbaijan, Chinese, Denmark, Bosnia, Portugal, Uighur, Italian. (press translation key to the translations). The recitation voice and translations can be chosen, and a copy of Arabic translation of Qur'an attached with this.

3. Hadiths:
(1) Riadh As-saliheen in Arabic & English
(2) 40 Hadith Qudsi in English
(3) 40 Hadith Nawawi's in Arabic & English
(4) Sahih Albukhari in Arabic
(5) Sahih Albukhari in English
(6) Sahih Muslim in Arabic
(7) Sahih Muslim in English
(8) Sunan Abu-Dawud in Arabic
(9) Sunan Abu-Dawud in English
(10) Sunan Alnisa'i in Arabic
(11) Sunan Altarmathi in Arabic
(12) Sunan Ibn Majah in Arabic
(13) Malik's Muatta in Arabic
(14) Malik's Muatta in English
(15) Masnad Iman Ahmad in Arabic
(16) Masnad Lmam Alshafi’i in Arabic
(17) Mishkat Almasabeeh in Arabic

3. Tafseers:
(1)Tafseer Al-jalalain in Arabic & English
(2)Tafseer Ibn Kathee in Arabic
(3)Tafseer Altabari in Arabic
(4)Tafseer Alqurtubi in Arabic

4. Doa:
(1) Abdulrahman Alsudais
(2) Soud Alshuraim
(3) Hani Alrifai
(4) Ahmad Alajmi

5. Holy names:
99 Allah Names with beautiful pictures.

6. Prayer&Qibla:
users can choose the host country and city, set the Method and Juristic Method, set current system time, then the player shows each day’s Azan time. Users can also choose to use Hijri and Daylight saving.

7, Remote control: you can use the remote control unit to control the products. which is very modern, interesting, and convenient.

8. Audio: support MPEG1/2/2.5 audio player1,2,3 format (code rate: 8kbps-384kbps ), support WMA format audio(code rate 8kbps-320kbps), provide Natural, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Bass, user-defined and 3D stereo audio.

9.Video: support all format of video with high quality display, no need to transfer.

10. Recording: support built-in Mic recording function, can choose long time or high quality recording.

11. Photos: it starts to show photos by pressing “ PLAY” button in this module, can view video and photos by pressing DOWN button.

12. Setup: check the product version, choose languages and reciters.

13. Calendar: display current system Gregorian calendar in English and Arabic

14. FM Radio: user can search channel between FM87.0-108.0/AM76.0-91.0

15. Others. user can check or update the data with SD card, it also support data encryption and hidden features.

16. Accessories: USB cable, compass, user's manual, Qur'an index, charger, earphone